Welcome to the G3 Network

The G3 Network has been an active & welcoming gaming community since late 2018. We strive to provide a quality gaming experience, while maintaining a supportive and family styled environment. The G3 Staff team is dedicated to further improvements of not only our FiveM Servers, but the community as a whole. Our FiveM servers features include the following...

This network will provide the opportunity to form a meaningful bond with other members of the community on multiple games and platforms. These friendships will hopefully carry into the FiveM servers & the community as a whole. Wherever your gaming interests lie, you belong here!

Games We Currently Support:

- FiveM
- American Truck Simulator (TruckersMP)
- Farming Simulator 19
- Minecraft
- Flight Simulator & X-Plane 11
- Apex Legends
- New World
- Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone

FiveM Server Assets 
Custom framework & FivePD, +800 Custom Vehicles, 6000 EUP Items, Custom Weapons, Sounds & YMAPs/MLOs.

Interested in joining the community?

At the G3 Network, we believe that everyone has their spot in daily RP. Whether you want to participate as a Civilian, LEO or First Responder - you belong here!

If you'd like to join but don't have a Gaming Computer, feel free to apply for our Communications Department. Our dedicated team of Dispatchers enhance the quality of daily RP & bring a sense of realism to radio traffic.

To apply, simply create an account & go to our Applications page and submit an application for your desired department.

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